Thursday, February 9, 2012

Farewell for Mike and Donnie


Tuesday was Mike Kreager and Donnie Gray's last day at work.  The SF crew took them out for lunch, and they invited me to go along. I am going to describe this restaurant honestly in one sentence because it was unique. We each ordered our own food, which we've never done before, and it was served to us individually! It had to be served on trays in order to accommodate all of the courses including bowls for the soup, the vegetables, the salad and then the main entrée. (That’s my one sentence. I realize it was two!) The restaurant was called Mi Lu, which means Small Deer. I mention that only because I can…I can pronounce it, spell it and know what it means!

Anyway, the SF people were very gracious to Mike and Donnie and were thankful for the work they had done in getting the machines installed. They praised them and gave them gifts. It was a wonderful send-off.  It was especially sweet because Mike, in particular, did not want to be here.  Everyone at SF appreciated him for his good work and rewarded him for it. With such a wonderful "good-bye," I think by the time they arrive back home the story will have morphed into a pleasant one.   And we're glad about that!

Mike Kreager and Donnie Gray heading for home from the HSR station in Chia-yi.

With Mike and Donnie's work done, we are into a second stage of this project. Don now can do "his thing": working on communication, training the team, and putting an efficient process in place.  

Things will change for us personally, as well. I will start cooking at home...a modified Chinese diet since there is no oven and American food (as in meat, bread and desserts) is hard to find.

Actually, this week is more like "limbo" than a "stage" because it is the week before New Years with only today and tomorrow left until the break. SF has decided to shorten the break from 2 weeks to only one. Once everyone returns from the holiday, the real work will start.

This is the end of this portion of our adventure. We arrived three weeks ago today.

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