Thursday, February 16, 2012

Random Pictures


Today marks the seventh week we have been in Chai-yi County, Taiwan.  I decided that I have some pictures that are, as I titled this post, "random," but interesting.  So here they are:

This is a children's version of the Zodiac at a local park.  There is one for each animal sign covering this huge open cement area.

There are also tall statues of dragons and mythical creatures in that park, as in the picture below

If you or your business owns a truck in Taiwan it looks like the one in the picture below.  These are every where on the road. I have not seen a truck that is not blue and does not look like this one.  I can only assume it is the only model in the truck market.  The only variation on it is that the bed might be covered or it may be a lot older than this one.  They've obviously been selling them for a long time.

This picture was taken in the park by the Tropic of Cancer.  It was a beautiful day in Chia-yi County!
Here I am with one foot in the tropics and one foot not! left side didn't feel any warmer than my right!

Food has been a fascination to me, so here is another food item. Can you guess what is in these bags?

The picture above is of bags of mushrooms!  I don't know if this  is "Sam's Club" size but we have seen people walk away with one of these monster bags.  Do you think you "can carry it on a scooter"?   Oh, yes, you can!  They can and they do!

This is a political billboard before the election in January.  This woman ran against the incumbent president and lost by a small margin with 80% of eligible voters voting.  On the ballot, if you voted for this candidate you would have marked the "number one" candidate, as indicated by the one in the circle.  The men on the other side of the sign were running for other positions in the same party, DPP.

This was taken at Jerry's family farm in the mountains.  Jerry's uncle, to the left, lives on the farm and runs it for the family.  Next is Jerry and his wife  and Don, of course.  Behind them is Mike Kreager and Donnie Gray.  Jerry's uncle is holding a small gift I brought as appreciation for inviting us to visit his farm.  (Notice the bamboo wall of the building behind everyone.  In the mountains, everything is made from bamboo.)

Happy eating ice cream in the mountains.  
(Notice the proverbial scooter and blue truck behind her.)

Here she is again.  This time trying on a mountain rice harvesting basket...pick the rice, put it the basket strapped to your head.  Happy is adorable and full of personality.

These are the elevated tracks of the HSR, High Speed Rail.  It could be anywhere in the USA!

Food, again!  These are dumplings.  I have mentioned them several times.  These were served in a bamboo steamer dish at Koa Chi in Taipei.  Don handles them well with his chopsticks.

Food, again!  One more time... but this is weirdly interesting.  This contraption makes what they call "cookies"/"Oreos".  (Taiwanese use the term Oreos as generic for cookies.)  However, these are not what we call cookies.  They are what we would call rice cakes.  They were a popular snack at sidewalk vendors when we were in Tainan.  This is what is happening in the picture:  They put rice batter in the front of the appliance where a "press" comes down on it.  When the press is released the cake is shot out of the contraption like a catapult, thus the "cookies" are flying through the air and need to be trapped in the cage.  The weird thing about them is that they are flavored with shrimp!  They are shrimp rice cakes!

That's all the random pictures for now.  I hope you enjoyed this variety of unrelated pictures.

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